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Fixing a Sick Chick


When we imported our last lot of eggs from Australia to establish a few egg-layer breeds in Tuvalu as part of the Six Chix Project we set to incubating the eggs, fingers crossed. The eggs were from Poultry Australia who were amazing with helping us meet the biosecurity requirements. That batch of 12 beautiful blue…

Turmeric for Cancer


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death. What if there was a safe, natural herb that could work for nearly every type of cancer?  According to Dr. William LaValley, who focuses most of his clinical work on the treatment of cancer, curcumin—a derivative of turmeric, and the pigment that gives the curry spice…

40 Uses For Raw Honey That Will Blow Your Socks Off


In our age of western medicine, society has turned away from the natural health remedies that were greatly used by our ancestors. We often rely more on the modern chemically produced pills than all natural traditional medicine. Honey is much sweeter than sugar and is far better for you. Honey is essentially a highly concentrated…