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Core Resilience: Funafuti Masterplan Video 2013


In 2013 we produced a short (18 minute) video designed to introduce the idea of building core resilience for heavily urbanised atoll islands in general, and for Funafuti in particular. As noted on the Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI) site the natural environment is unequivocally the life support system for all human endeavours. Far from being…

Plastic to Oil Fantastic


This video brief about the invention of a plastic-to-oil converting machine went viral and exceeded 3.7 million views on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-Lg_kvLaAM This is evidence that concern over “the plastic problem” is certainly not going away, despite encouraging bans on and decreases in the use of plastic shopping bags. Here on Our World, on the video’s…