solar-food-dehydrator2-640x360The importance of quality food in daily life cannot be ignored. If all you seek is taste, freshness and nutrition, then only a local farmer or your own garden can facilitate your needs. Not every fruit or vegetable that you like would be available around the year. So, how do you plan a healthy lifestyle while making sure you get what you want throughout? There are different methods of preserving food, but what way seems more legit to you? Have you heard about solar food dehydrator plans – they are absolutely worth it. [Editor: these are of course also great for drying fish and making jerky].

You do not have to spend much money in acquiring them from the market as homemade food dehydrator can do the job for you. You might be thinking how on earth is it possible to craft a solar food dryer at your home? Well, here are 8 simple yet effective do-it-yourself (DIY) plans that would answer your biggest question: “how to build a food dehydrator”?

1: Simplest solar food dryer:

food-dehydratorIf you want to spend less time making a solar dryer, then this plan perfectly suits your needs. Your ultimate goal of drying veggies and fruits [and fish] would be fulfilled.

  • Craft a frame – length and width depends upon  your choice
  • Join the sides together  to make a perfect shape
  • Add a door at the front
  • Use trays for support
  • Insert heat  absorber
  • Add cover to the frame

For details, have a look here -Detail plan –

2: Passive Solar dryer:

Passive-Solar-dryerIn order to make your own food dehydrator, and that even a sophisticated type, here is something that you would like the most. It is made from pinewood and basic covering from aluminium. It may take a few days to get into shape, or you can take professional help for getting the wood chopped. For details, click here –

3: Large solar dehydrator:

Large-solar-dehydratorThis is a fantastic plan for preserving seeds long term. In order to have an efficient plan, you need the following items:

  • Sizing of the solar collectors
  • Constructing the basic frame
  • Rooftop (support) and solar mounting
  • Collector downward slope
  • Air vents
  • Cooling fans

In order to know in detail, see the complete plan –

4: Basic solar dryer:

SolarDehydrator1This plan helps you in getting the simplest, sun energy efficient do-it-yourself (DIY) food dehydrator. You would need the following things:

  • Wood Screws (big and small)
  • Nails
  • Staples
  • Metal Screen
  • Hinges
  • Clear Plastic / Glass
  • Corrugated plastic panel
  • Wood
  • Black Paint

For making the legs you need:

  • Wooden Post
  • Corks from Bottles
  • Link Chain
  • Bolts

For more details, click here –

5: Thin Plywood Solar dehydrator:

Thin-Plywood-Solar-dehydratorThis one is one of the best food Dehydrators as it is highly functional, yet consumes less time in making. You will need the following materials:

  • Plywood ( for making the body)
  • Wood for braces (support)
  • Window
  • Screen (as cover for vents)
  • Stalking for drying racks
  • Hinges
  • Screws
  • Staples
  • Thermometer

In order to know about the process exactly, go through the complete plan –

6: Workable solar dryer plan:

Workable-solar-dryer-plan-1024x766Make your life simple by working on the simplest type of solar dryer idea – it is more like a book with a front covered with plastic sheets and base made from the wood. The basic mechanism goes the way it is for every type of Solar dryer, but the outlook is why elephants and sophisticated. In order to know about the details and exact measurements, have a look:

Inexpensive-solar-dryer7: Inexpensive solar dryer:

The basic outlook of this kind of solar plan is slanted, which looks more like a vertical garden placed. It is simply the best-looking plan that you would have come across. It has various slabs that would help you in getting multiple items dried simultaneously. For details about the material and constructing, click here –

8: Solar dryer with Chimney:

By now you must be cleared enough on how to make a food dehydrator – if you want to put your hands in a project that is a little challenging, you must go for this solar dryer plan which has chimney along. It would be fun making this type, if you know how to make the simplest ones.

The link given below would help you in giving the details about how the plans go about. The video link would help you in actually witnessing the entire process.

Enjoy making your own solar dryer and make your life easier. View all images by following the source link below…

By Katherine Anne | (Source:  The Self-Sufficient Living; March 25, 2014;