Month: July 2015

Atoll Eggs: Backyard Production so far

isolated chicken with egg

The Six Chix Project is now starting to produce some outcomes and increasing interest in Funafuti. In this post we are going to take a quick look at the statistics so far. We currently have 7 Hyline Brown hens producing our eggs, plus an assortment of other chickens. Its the Hyline hens we are focusing…

Information Support for Atoll Engineering


For the first time in history the Tuvaluan people now have the capability to be able to make large-scale changes to their atolls and islands. With that capability comes a lot of potential for building resilience, but also the potential for serious damage. How it works out depends on the choices we make and how…

Coral Watch Report 5


Coral Monitoring: Start date 21st April 2015; Duration: 10 weeks Dredging: Start date 29th April 2015; Duration: 9 weeks Dredging Locations: Northern end of Tegako Coral bleaching continues to be below trigger levels (50% bleaching C1-C5 averaged over all corals), though levels are increasing at both northern sites No action is required. Results since 19…