About Tautai Foundation

A not-for-profit, non-Government-Organisation

Tautai Foundation works to provide down-to-earth information, research, training and practical methods for increasing the resilience of small island communities, especially where official channels stop short. Our mission is to help small islands build the natural resilience of their ecosystems, plus the resilience of the communities of people living on them. Our work is focused on building healthy human-environment partnerships including land and shoreline stability, and the the health of coral reefs, other marine habitats and sensitive ecosystems. Central to human resilience is island-friendly food production, livelihoods and knowing how to live with ecosystems without breaking them.

We publish our own information based on research and projects our group undertakes in 30 small islands and small island countries, with at least 30 years of experience working with communities and ecosystems.

Information on this blog is Copyleft (Ɔ) and free to use and disseminate. We provide it here so that we can support islanders to live more securely, especially in a world of ever-increasing instability and inequality. Some of the posts are reposted from the web, news services or scientific studies with full acknowledgement of their sources. We do this to bring important ideas to your attention where they are central to building understanding.

We hope you find these pages interesting and helpful.