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Other Organisations Providing Rating like EVI?

Are you aware of any other organisation providing rating similar to the EVI? (I am aware of the EPI from Yale University even though it is not measuring ‘only’ the vulnerability). Thanks for your help.

When was the EVI last evaluated?

I would like to know the date/year of the last update of the EVI data? Based on your website, it appears that the last update was performed in 2005. If so, could you let me know when the next review is due? That is correct. The last full evaluation of the EVI was in 2005….

How the ‘Hot Periods’ Indicator (No.4) works


“I’ve read the indicator description of the (Hot Periods) that is a risk to Canada, but don’t quite understand, I mean most of the warming happens in winter and other nations that are really susceptible to extreme heat events like China and Russia aren’t mentioned in hot periods risk, would you please clarify? Thank you.”…