Tag: Technology

This Bacteria-Infused Concrete Can Heal Its Own Cracks


Researchers in the Netherlands have invented a bacteria-infused concrete that is able to patch up its own cracks. Even such a solid material as concrete is prone to cracking, which inevitably leads to structural degradation and thus limits the service life of constructions. Now, two researchers at Delft Technical University have found an innovative solution…

Salt Water to Drinking Water with Electrodialysis and Solar Power


By inexpensively turning salt water into drinking water using sustainable solar power, a team from MIT in the US has not only come up with a portable desalination system for use anywhere in the world that needs it, but it’s just won the 2015 Desal Prize – a competition run by USAID to encourage better…

Engineers Purify Sea & Wastewater in 2.5 Minutes


A group of Mexican engineers from the Jhostoblak Corporate created technology to recover and purify seawater or wastewater from households, hotels, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities, regardless of the content of pollutants and microorganisms in just 2.5 minutes. The system, PQUA, works with a mixture of dissociating elements, capable of separating and removing all contaminants,…