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Real-life Egg Production in Funafuti


Egg-laying chicken breeds all come with stories on the number of eggs the hens will lay in a year – but how well does that reflect reality? Especially on an atoll. In this article, we are going to find out what you can expect from your backyard chickens. The Six Chicks Project started back in…

Preparing for your new chicks


Chick production has now started and the first few chicks are hatched and getting used to their surroundings. We have 4 incubators on the go and expect to be producing as many chicks as we can each month. For those receiving the chicks, now is the time to get your brooding box ready. Chicks are…

We have finally started the breeding programme


In late December last year we announced that we had successfully managed to bring heritage egg-laying chickens to Tuvalu as part of our Six Chix Project. Well, as hoped all 18 chicks grew up and although we lost one young roo just as he matured, all the rest are alive and well. We managed to…